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Children’s Rights


Human Rights Foundation has regularly organized programs to empower the children, parents and those in authority so that they in turn become agents that promote child rights, using child related laws as advocacy tool. Forum for Child Rights have been promoted in Nigeria for convergence of child rights activists, NGO’s and stake holders. Child Rights Monitoring Cells were set up and trained on child rights, laws related to children and provided psycho social and when necessary legal follow for children. 

HRF designed and promoted child rights campaigns which were timely and needing urgent attention. The continuous campaigns at local level are organised by the Child Rights Campaigners, who are volunteers across Africa


The Toolkit

Human Rights Foundation discovered a village without a school, and the children without education in Kueme Kingdom, Ashippa, Sème-Badagry in 2022. We took it upon ourselves to rent a building within the community, recruit and train 3 teachers, and start a school for 50 children in this community.

We also organised a Children’s Day party for the kids and provided them with essential toolkit such as books, backpacks, and stationery.


Liberty Pulpit

Liberty Pulpit is a constant revolving door of opportunities for our youths to stimulate and debate the issues of human rights challenges in Nigeria while fostering dialogues within our social fabric.

The project involves competitive essay writing and debate competitions between secondary schools within cities or regions in Nigeria. These debates starting from the submission of the entry essays, through the knockout strategies into the finals will take place annually within all 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory in the country. 

At the moment, we have organized two sessions, the first in Akure, Ondo State and the other in Abuja FCT.


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