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Human Rights Foundation

We fight for justice

Debate on Human Rights in Abuja

Debate on Human Rights

Children's Rights to Quality Education

Donation of Education Materials

Take It Back

Inmates' Rights

What we Do

We advocate against disenfranchised rights

Stimulating Education, Accountability and Leadership (SEAL)

Teen Guide Africa & HRF

This project is proudly supported by HRF to encourage teenagers who are achievers to keep it up and to encourage others to do likewise.

Project 1K50

Nigerian Correctional Service

Project 1k50's objective is to mobilize, organize and train 50 NYSC Lawyers for a stipend-paying Volunteer Programme to provide world-class legal.

Inmates' Rehabilitation

In partnership with CELSIR

HRF partners with the Center for Legal Support & Inmates Rehabilitation (CELSIR) to organize motivational, educational, and vocational workshops

Community sensitization

Partnering With Governments and Communities

Engaging different communities through public sensitization and awareness events is a vital approach to raising awareness of human rights in Africa.

Our Events

Our Events

The Angler Project is an initiative of Human Rights Foundation that focuses on women's empowerment and capacity development, with a particular emphasis on widows and single mothers.

Donation of Gift items to pupils at Kweme Village, Badagry Lagos. Items such as school bags, books and writing materials to aid learning and easy the pressure on struggling parents.

The question of whether human rights in Nigeria is considered a cliche or not can vary depending on one's perspective and the context in which it is being discussed.


Justice & Equality. Hope Alive

Human Rights Foundation (HRF) Nigeria is a non-governmental organization that exists to advocate and enforce the Rule of Law on the rights of the human person, regardless of such a person’s class, gender, religion or ethnicity.

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Human Rights Foundation

Human Rights Foundation Grassroot Campaign

Human Rights Foundation Nigeria (HRF) is a registered charity that advocates for the rights of prisoners, ex-offenders, and other disadvantaged people affected by the criminal justice system.

Liberty Pulpit Challenge


Our beneficiaries have said it all…

I have been in Eko prison for 3 years but today by the grace of God and through the help of HRF Lawyers, I have been freed. I really appreciate HRF for what they do and what God continues to use them to do

Joseph Obinna

Obinna Joseph Beneficiary HRF Freedom Project

I have been in jail without going to court for 4 years. I really thank God, I do not regret going to prison because I have learnt alot. HRF Lawyers are wonderful people, they took my case up in court and everything went well.

Augustine Kanyi

Been in jail without going to court for 4 years

I never believed that HRF could help me regain my freedom after 3 years at Ikoyi prison without trial, but lo and behold, after 3 weeks of going to court, through the help of HRF, I thank GOD, I am free!

Tayo Oguntubo

Freedom after 3 years at Ikoyi prison

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